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Struggling with your child’s picky eating?

How long have you been worried sick over nutrition because they eat nothing but waffles and yogurt?  Or crackers and quesadillas?

You’re a smart mom.  

You’ve read the blogs, gotten the books, taken the classes.

You know a balanced diet is essential for your child’s health and development.  



You cook the healthy food (and end up throwing it away).

You spend hours at the dinner table coaxing your little one to eat (they won’t).

You’ve learned all the tips and tricks and games and techniques (they all fall flat).  


You’ve tried everything to get your child to eat.

…and now you’re exhausted and exasperated and so worried you can't even sleep.


You should be able to figure this out.  

It should be simple.

Why can’t you feed your own child?

You’ve been given the wrong recipe!

It’s not about how smart you are, or how much you know about nutrition.

It’s not that you haven’t tried hard enough.

It’s not that your child is too difficult or stubborn.

You’re not failing, and it’s not too late.

Your child’s brilliant body is communicating with you. It’s speaking in code.

green beans basket.jpeg

Decode the message. 

Hands veg red sq.png

Let's restore your child's natural appetite for foods that truly feed them.

No more hiding food or sneaking or playing games till they’re 18, because your child will happily serve themselves - even vegetables!

Yes.  Even YOUR child.

Picky eating is expensive.  

Have you spent boatloads of money on gummies and powders and pills, even though you know it can never replace real food?

Your child will eat real food.

And you can save all that money for having fun!


You might be ready to give up.

You’re convinced there’s nothing you can do.

After all, lots of kids are picky eaters, and even your doctor doesn’t seem worried.

But you’re worried.

And you’re right to worry.

When a kid won’t eat the foods they need, their body is asking for help. Something is out of balance.

Reset the balance so your child will eat - and thrive!  


Food is different these days.

Do you feel guilty when you hand over the bagel or breakfast cereal, again, because they won’t eat anything else and you’re afraid they’ll starve (and make you late for work)?

It’s not your fault.

Farms are different, soils are different and ingredients are different.

Consider what's filling up the shelves at the grocery store, in all the advertisements, served at the school, the birthday parties and at every holiday...


You just aren’t playing on an even field. 

Let's give you the appetite advantage.


If you’ve tried other picky eating programs, don’t worry.

I have a different approach. 

Elissa's Cooking Party-1625.jpg



Your toddler grabbing the veggies right off of your plate. 

Your pediatrician’s smile when you share what your kid is eating.

Your relief that you don't have to worry

There are specific reasons that most kids won’t eat more than a food or two (or a category of foods, like crackers, bread, etc).

It takes hardly any time (and you’ll save loads of time when your child eats easily)

You don’t need to buy expensive weird meal replacement mixes

I’ll explain how particular supplements can be a bridge to food freedom, how they work, and access to the professional-quality products you choose.

You’ll know exactly which supplements I feed my family and why.

Elissa's Cooking Party-1640.jpg
Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 7.53.00 PM.png

Are you thinking this is too good to be true?  
Let me tell you exactly how it works!

I give you loads of simple, practical and life-changing support for YOU, so you can easily implement the simple, targeted changes that will make the difference for your child.  (Anyone want a good night of sleep? Yep, I give you that because you need to be well-rested to make a food shift with your child.)

You’ll get The Picky Eating Freedom Guide

The week before the program starts you will receive the guide that outlines different sources of picky eating, from gut, to metabolic, to nutrition reasons and more, so you can identify the source that best matches your kiddo. Then you get to follow the directions for your specific situation and you have a week to prepare.

2 Live group coaching sessions

Join me and the other mamas to celebrate the start and then the success!


Each day your questions answered, and even compare notes and ideas with other moms in the program any time in our private community (optional) so you are cool as a cucumber and ready to roll out the freedom.

24/7 peer support - these are your people. Participate in the community as much or as little as you like.

Daily Emails

for support, inspiration, and answers. I will share with you easy food prep tips, lunch box ideas, simple recipes and more for you and your child.

THIS IS how I coach my clients, and it’s the first thing we focus on in the Gut Health Mamas Program.

You will feel strong and calm when you hit the ground running on Day 1!

And I’ll be with you every step of the way, from our LIVE kickoff session on Day 1 right through our finale LIVE session on Day 8.  

You get ALL the support & ALL the tools you need to put picky eating in the rear-view mirror for good.

Freedom from Picky Eating STARTS HERE!


Sign up TODAY 

Set yourself FREE!

Bring 2 friends and I will refund your enrollment fee (less $100 for the cost of the supplements). 
SIGN UP yourself! 
SHARE with everyone you know who cares about kids - especially teachers, therapists, doctors, and all your family and friends.  They will thank you! 


I know what you're thinking. 

“You don’t know MY child.”  


I get it.  You’re frustrated, worried, and ready to quit.  (Don’t quit now!)

Your child won’t eat anything but hot dogs and toast.

Or pancakes and cereal.

Or crackers and quesadillas.

Or they refuse to eat anything at all.


You're devoted to your child’s health, and ready to throw in the towel.

You’ve tried everything in the book, and your child still “wins.”

So you give them the waffles and sugary yogurt so they don’t starve.


You're living in food prison.

Let me give you the key.

Just imagine...

Making one simple meal for the whole family - and they eat it.

Sitting down at the dinner table to laughter instead of tears.


Your child will eat.

You can relax.

You and your family get FREEDOM from PICKY EATING!

What are you waiting for??!?

Nutritionists, doctors, and psychologists are struggling with picky eaters too!  

8 Days to Freedom from Picky Eating

has all the tools you need, all the community and all the coaching... 

  • “These words were honestly said at our Valentine's dinner tonight by my (recently-on-strike-from-all-things- vegetable) 6 yr old...
    "Would someone cut me some broccoli already!! I'm starting with the healthy stuff!"
    The pic is her serving herself basically every veggie item on the table since we weren't fast enough for her. And best part is, she really did eat a variety of veggies before digging in to the other (super high value to her) items all around her on the table.
    I'm so grateful... She's really been craving veggies”

  • “It's been really wonderful to work with Elissa to bounce ideas and get advice. My five year old went on a veggie strike and Elissa helped me work through it. Just the other day my daughter said she wanted more vegetables and was eating stalks of broccolini right out of the pan! It's nice to have Elissa and a community of mamas to be on this journey with.”

  • “I can tell you that since last week I've been able to get fermented veggies during dinner with my kids (cabbage/fennel/onions/kale/beets/radish) and they actually ask for it...ahem my picky eater! We just started Yoga (at home using Youtube) over the weekend and they were so happy sunday, so the rest and digest in your talk just added things up for me....so powerful. Thanks for all you do!”

  • “Elissa's program has been wonderful for my family and just what we needed! Elissa has an amazing amount of knowledge and personal experience with gut healing and overall health for the entire family. She is so kind and genuinely wants to help mothers and families during their journey. She has been my go to resource to walk me through all the information out there in all these topics, she has the knowledge to help, regardless of my individual need. Joining this program has been the best thing I have done for my family's healing journey. I have a safe place of support to go to with any question anytime. Elissa's knowledge is remarkable!”

  • “My little choices have added up to big wins, which has taken away some of my anxiety about how to get my son’s diet to improve with simple strategies to try until something clicks. I like the concise bullet format of your materials to summarize the topics and the access to learning at my preferred pace and schedule. My son has recently made a choice to eat a salad and noticed how he felt better the next day. We still have a long way to go but this positive experience was a great teaching moment. Looking forward to more little wins!”

  • “Ok moms! I FINALLY got caught up today. It was my son’s 2nd bday this weekend so I was mia. Wow! I am loving all the info and support. My favorite thing so far is forget the losses and celebrate the wins!!! So my wins today..getting caught up, went grocery shopping and bought some great stuff to support my family including sauerkraut, used my ninja moves and put sauerkraut brine in my kids apple juice (which sounds gross but they didn’t even know), sauerkraut brine in their mashed up avocado, made my mantra, printed off the workbook, danced with Elissa (❤️ this...so simple yet so effective), breathing!!! (Gonna download a timer app maybe to remind me and kids), breath before dinner, made gluten free veggie pasta sauce for dinner (double batch to freeze). Today was a GREAT day so I’m celebrating that. Im also celebrating being here with all of you because it feels amazing to be in a group that has the same wants and struggles as you. Here’s some pics of new stuff I got from the store. Not sure if miso is good?? Or the spaghetti stuff I got is good?? What do you think? Last pic is my son eating avocado with sauerkraut brine in it. Lol ”

Picky eating is reversible, and preventable, when you know what steps to take. The time is now.  

Solve your child’s picky eating, and get back to living your life!  

My Commitment to You ...

I keep it simple.

I give you exactly what works for my clients.

I listen to you and give you direct, doable coaching.

I'm committed to your success!

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 Bring 2 friends and I will refund your enrollment fee (less $100 for the cost of the supplements*). 

SIGN UP yourself, then SHARE with everyone you know who cares about kids - especially teachers, therapists, doctors, and all your family and friends.  They will thank you! 

Start sharing now! coachelissa.com/eat


Need more inspiration? I wrote an email for you to share and I have a flyer you can email, post or print and hang up at the school or store, click here.


"Thank you Elissa very much for your answers and your support! You are amazing! Your positive energy is really contagious, and you are so dedicated and caring. It was a great week! Big hug!"
 ~ Daniela

The most profound shift in my child’s health and happiness came when I addressed my own frenzied energy around food. I’m going to share the most effective and super-simple strategies to support you...

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