you belong here


Guilt Free Gut Health is where you discover gut health solutions to physical and behavioral challenges.  

Get the personalized support you need to help your family with food, sleep and calm... so healthy and happy can be your everyday family routine, and so you can spend more time enjoying your family.

--> Self-paced workbook:  delivered to your home (additional fee for international shipping)

--> Digital course:  on demand anywhere

--> Live coaching:  send in your questions for answers & love-seat coaching, or watch the recordings.  

--> Community of moms:  participate as you wish in this sisterhood

--> Priority access: early invites to retreats and events

Empower your child to confidently make great choices for their health and happiness, and watch them shine.

You belong here, Mama - join us!


Step by step training to develop the strongest foundation of health and happiness for your child.

- heal the inflammation and build a diverse, resilient, gut microbiome so your child can thrive

- gain clarity, confidence and calm when you understand what works for your child

- eliminate the endless stress, fear and expensive guesswork