An Organic Acid Test (OAT) is a simple urine test that shows what's living in your child's gut - especially in their small intestine where stool tests can't show us.  Then you know whether you even need to be worrying, and you get to make a plan based on what you see.

It's such a huge relief to stop wondering and start helping.

Then you can prioritize.

Then you can get guidance on specific support for what's happening in your child, in a way that works for you, within your family, so you get to finally live your dreams in this one life you've got together.

Get the right testing for your child - a window into to your child's behavior, learning, mood, and what they'll eat.

Stop guessing, worrying, buying expensive supplements that don't do what you want them to, and missing out on the life you want with your family.

When you see it, you can fix it.


Step by step training to develop the strongest foundation of health and happiness for your child.

- heal the inflammation and build a diverse, resilient, gut microbiome so your child can thrive

- gain clarity, confidence and calm when you understand what works for your child

- eliminate the endless stress, fear and expensive guesswork