Freedom from Picky Eating

How long have you been struggling with your child’s picky eating?  How long have you been worried sick over nutrition because they eat nothing but waffles and yogurt?  Or crackers and quesadillas?

I know - you’re exasperated, exhausted and at your wits end.  

You’ve tried everything and its not working.  

You feel like you’re failing your child.

You’re ready for the answer NOW

I promise you - it’s simple, because this is exactly what works for my clients.  


Healthy Gut Happy Child Transformation SELF-STUDY program

Step by step training to develop the strongest foundation of health and happiness for your child.

- heal the inflammation and build a diverse, resilient, gut microbiome so your child can thrive

- gain the clarity, confidence and calm when you know you’re doing it right

- eliminate the endless stress, fear and expensive guesswork


Add on Supplements for $100

Add this set of targeted, professional grade supplements (value $100) to support your family’s journey to freedom.. 


Get Unstuck 20-minute Private Coaching with Elissa

Get Unstuck 20-minute Private Coaching with Elissa